Just breathe!

Your worms

Earth worms are found in all parts of the world;

Like you, they also need oxygen, food and water;

The Red Wriggler (Eisenia Fetida) has the ability to process large amounts of food, and also reproduces at a rapid rate.  They love darkness;


  • 32 – 73 Days for cocoons to hatch;

  • Expected life of between 2 and 4 Years;

  • Produce on average 3.8 cocoons per week;

  • 82% Hatch;

  • Net reproductive rate per week 10.4;

  • 53 -76 Days time to sexual maturity;


Worms can double in population every 3 months – BUT, over population is not a concern. Your worms will migrate from one tray to another and when you start using you bottom tray as Vermicompost, some worms will wind up in your garden;

Remember: you must play a huge role in keeping your worm environment in good health; 

Check up on them;

Look for:  young worms, moisture conditions, earthy odour, do they have a slimy layer on their bodies, refer to setback (see worm farming 101) for detail if you find they are not happy.