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Imagine going to school daily, being taught to reduce and recycle but in actual fact never doing this on the school grounds.... yes, this happens to our kids on a daily base!  If you look at the syllabus (Grade R - Grade 7) all kids have something to do with the environment and mother EARTH – yet, no practical recycling takes place.


The Earth worms R us concept covers both recycling and organic harvesting.  Children enjoy the learning experience and help with the transformation of waste into rich vermin-compost.  The end product – recycling, possible sales, environmental awareness and living green!  Therefore becoming part of a green; greener and maybe even the greenest school...


We’ve searched high and low, but affordability in terms of earth worm farms was nowhere to be found!  Importing from the US was just not feasible for us anymore. We produced our own EARTH WORMS R US moulds and now have a state of the art worm farm!  Supporting street vendors, and giving them the creative and financial opportunity makes our product uniquely African!  With the cheapest option in the market – as well as the best worms (Eisenia Fetida) and vermi compost research in Johannesburg, we are making a difference!


We offer families and schools, the opportunity to get their own earth worm boxes.


Families/Households: Recycling kitchen waste, food leftovers, newspapers, etc. and using vermi-compost and worm “wee” for plants, lawns and herbs.

Schools: Recycling children’s left over lunches and using vermi-compost and worm “wee” for school grounds and gardens (a rather large saving on commercial compost). This is also a great fundraiser for the school!


Earth worms R us offers you:



  • An incredibly-efficient method for recycling

  • Converts kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost

  • Easy to manage – get your kids involved!

  • Organic smell – NO pong  (odourless)

  • Self sorting, upward migration for worms


Join us on our journey!  Let us all live green, 24/7!

Living green, 24/7

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