1, 2, 3, let's GO!

Assembling Your “Earth Worms R Us” – Worm Farm

  • Separate your black “earth worms R us” - stacking trays from the other parts (you must have 3 trays);

  • Place your first black tray into the holding tray, (black collection tray/foot stand – free flow for worm wee);

  • Your assembled lid, with brightly coloured beaded flower knob, fits into your top tray, this is only a cover and not a snug fitting lid;

  • As you begin to use your “earth worms R us”- worm farm the remaining trays will be added one by one;

  • Make sure that you place your worm wee container (silver watering can) in front of the collection tray opening, to collect free flowing worm wee for garden use (see worm wee).


Let’s Start!

  • Now that you’ve assembled your “earth worms R us”- worm farm, you can start to prepare your worm bedding;

  • Place an empty working tray on top of the holding tray, line the bottom of the tray with 3 – 4 sheets of news paper - only add dry news paper to your working tray;

  • Add 2 cups of MOIST compost (from your garden) and 2 more sheets of shredded news paper;

  • Spread freshly mixed bedding on top of the news paper in the working tray;

  • Place 2 handfuls of food scraps in one corner of the working tray. Place on top of the bedding. (See food list - Breakfast, lunch and dinner)



  • Remove your worms from the package they arrived in, gently place your worms on top of the bedding, (worms can become stressed during shipment). Once the worms are in place, re-lay 3 – 4 sheets of MOIST news paper on top. You can place your empty second tray on top and close with your supplied lid;

  • Your worms may take a week or so to settle in;

  • A common mistake is to over feed your worms when you start using your “earth worms r us” – worm farm! Place only a few handfuls of food in the working tray at a time. Only add more food when you can see the worms are actively working in the food you have added last!