Hungry, let's eat....

What’s For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner?

  • Fiber: magazines, news paper, cardboard, paper towels and junk mail

  • Breakfast: toast, oatmeal, muffins, cereal, fruit scraps eggshells (crushed)

  • Starters: dried leaves and dead flowers

  • Lunch/dinner: all vegetables, green salad (no dressing), pasta, bread (do not add bread and pasta excessively)

  • Pudding: fruit (no citrus!), and even baker’s yeast, coconut fiber

  • Drinks: coffee beans and filters, and tea bags (remove strings and staples)

    • Adding smaller, finer bits will allow worms to work faster

    • Try to feed you worms 50% kitchen waste and 50% fiber

    • Place new food under moist news papers and under lid


Moisture And Temperature Control

  • Your worms like moist conditions!

  • To increase moisture add wet fiber, to reduce moisture add dry fiber;

Keep the worms out of direct sun, wind and rain! In cold winter months you can keep them inside (remember this is an odourless system). Worms will die in temperatures below freezing.