Convert your kitchen waste, news paper, junk mail, dried leaves and other things into nutrient-rich compost for plants, flower beds and garden. Your worms as well as the microbes (bacteria, fungi) living inside your worms are the work horses that process your household waste.

Reduce Reuse Recycle


  • An incredibly-efficient method for recycling

  • Converts kitchen waste into nutrient rich compost

  • Easy to manage – get your kids involved!

  • Organic smell – NO pong (odourless)

  • Self sorting, upward migration for worms

Oh, so easy...

Managing YOUR “Earth Worms R Us” - Worm Farm

(after set-up - see Worm Farm 101)

  • Wait for 3 days....

  • Lift the layers of moist news paper;

  • If your worms are actively involved in the food – crawling in and around the food – add more handfuls of food;

  • Cover the new food with the moist news paper sheets;

  • It may take 4 – 6 weeks to fill the first tray (in the cold winter months a bit longer)

  • Once your first working tray is filled, add a new tray to your working-worm farm, and start feeding in this tray, worms will migrate from your first tray into your second – remember your worms like moist conditions!

  • The first tray is now ready to use as Vermicompost – make sure that your worms have in fact migrated to the next feeder tray. (see Vermicompost)